John and Susan have enjoyed hosting family gatherings, day retreats, wedding photos, church functions (youth events, church council meetings, pastor retreats, etc.), and more at this wheelchair accessible facility. They are currently actively searching for approved caterers to host the evening events as well as the café/bakery aspect of their business. Small groups that call ahead for reservations are welcome during the café/bakery hours (Thurs - Sat 9am - 4 pm). Call to schedule an appointment to see the banquet hall and grounds and to discuss options.

Look for future announcements about the operation of the café/bakery/hall. Susan and John will be retiring from the regular operation of the facility as of August 17, 2019, and will be hosting a time of celebration of 11 years of food service. Watch for the announcement. They will continue to live in the upstairs residence and will host occasional meals and rent out the hall for events. 

RiverSong is a non-licensed facility – special occasion permit and insurance coverage required if serving alcohol plus additional cleaning fee. Some restrictions apply.

RiverSong strives to be a peanut and cashew free facility.